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Had my usual set of classes for the day, which consisted primarily of review. After that, I headed home and decided to finally replace the hood roundel on my car with a nice, bright, and shiny new OEM one that I got in the mail a few days ago! After that, I spent the rest of the night doing homework and studying.

Thought of the day? The new roundel it a definite upgrade, and I guess it’s safe to say that my car’s dignity has now been restored! As you can tell, the original one (or whatever came with the car when it was purchased) was in horrid condition, so it was only fitting to replace it.

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram! The “Sierra” filter works really well for neutral-colored situations and doesn’t add too much contrast to anything, like such.



Jenny’s Burger.

Went to mass in the morning, followed work for the most of the day and then spending the rest of it with my family at home. Nothing too special, aside from starting studying for my Organic Chemistry final on Friday.

Thought of the day? Last week of actual classes starts tomorrow, up until Wednesday for me! It’s time to grind it out!

iPhone 5. No Instagram used this time around, pretty much just snapped and uploaded straight onto my Zenfolio hosting site. Nothing special here, but one of the only images I was able to take today – what I had for lunch today during my break at work!


Nico & Troy.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Had work today from the morning to mid-evening, and then headed straight to San Rafael as soon as I got out for mass with JR, Francisco, Nico, Donmig, Troy, Trixie, Rodney, Jenn, Steph, Derek, tita Rodelyn, and tito Patrick. After that, we got dinner at a Chinese cuisine down the street with was absolutely delicious (especially considering it was my first meal of the day!) and then headed back to one of the church houses to hang out and celebrate for a while.

Thought of the day? A truly blessed day, indeed, spent with some amazing people as we praise our amazing Lord. You really can’t ask for anything more than that, in all honesty, and I feel very privileged to have these wonderful opportunities on occasion.

D700 + 50/1.8. A quick photo of the two birthday celebrants we had for the day! Love these two very much, they’re great friends and people that I know I can definitely rely and depend upon.


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