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Had my usual set of classes for the day, which consisted primarily of review. After that, I headed home and decided to finally replace the hood roundel on my car with a nice, bright, and shiny new OEM one that I got in the mail a few days ago! After that, I spent the rest of the night doing homework and studying.

Thought of the day? The new roundel it a definite upgrade, and I guess it’s safe to say that my car’s dignity has now been restored! As you can tell, the original one (or whatever came with the car when it was purchased) was in horrid condition, so it was only fitting to replace it.

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram! The “Sierra” filter works really well for neutral-colored situations and doesn’t add too much contrast to anything, like such.



Jenny’s Burger.

Went to mass in the morning, followed work for the most of the day and then spending the rest of it with my family at home. Nothing too special, aside from starting studying for my Organic Chemistry final on Friday.

Thought of the day? Last week of actual classes starts tomorrow, up until Wednesday for me! It’s time to grind it out!

iPhone 5. No Instagram used this time around, pretty much just snapped and uploaded straight onto my Zenfolio hosting site. Nothing special here, but one of the only images I was able to take today – what I had for lunch today during my break at work!


Nico & Troy.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Had work today from the morning to mid-evening, and then headed straight to San Rafael as soon as I got out for mass with JR, Francisco, Nico, Donmig, Troy, Trixie, Rodney, Jenn, Steph, Derek, tita Rodelyn, and tito Patrick. After that, we got dinner at a Chinese cuisine down the street with was absolutely delicious (especially considering it was my first meal of the day!) and then headed back to one of the church houses to hang out and celebrate for a while.

Thought of the day? A truly blessed day, indeed, spent with some amazing people as we praise our amazing Lord. You really can’t ask for anything more than that, in all honesty, and I feel very privileged to have these wonderful opportunities on occasion.

D700 + 50/1.8. A quick photo of the two birthday celebrants we had for the day! Love these two very much, they’re great friends and people that I know I can definitely rely and depend upon.



Elephant Bar.

Had a rather easy Friday today, with nothing all too extensive from my classes aside from review, review, and more review. After that, I hung out around the house for a little bit until my parents and sister got home and then went to Elephant Bar with my family for dinner!

Thought of the day? Always a lovely time going out to dinner with my family, especially since we don’t really get to do it that often. Because my sister & I are both busy with school, and I have work on weekends, we rarely get to go out anymore.

iPhone 5. Edited with Instagram – nothing more nothing less!



PPQ Beef Noodle House.

Had my usual set of Thursday classes for the day (did well on my RHET speech, too!) and had my last ‘official’ o-chem lab of the semester which also consisted of checking out of our lab. After that, I hung out around school for a little bit with James, Xavier, Jon, and Anthony, and then we decided to get some pho for dinner!

Thought of the day? Definitely a chill day today and I’m really glad that I was able to kick it with all of them for a good bit! The only thing that makes good food better is good company, and that’s exactly what this is right here!

D700 + 50/1.8. Quick image from today of what we had for dinner. IT surely hit the spot, especially considering the weather – nothing but rain & fog!


Tree Bokeh.

‘Tis the season… For Christmas tree bokeh!

Had a pretty typical day today with my usual classes (as I’ve been lately this week) and usual hangout sessions with a few friends after class. Spent the majority of today at home, finishing up most of my homework due Friday, touching up on some parts for my RHET speech, and preparing for tomorrow’s final o-chem lab for the semester!

Thought of the day? Christmastime calls for Christmas tree bokeh! A bit cliche, of course, but it never truly gets old. I can recall back in the day as a developing photographer, when I’d always use these kinds of images as inspiration in hopes or recreating my own. One of the reasons why I love photography – the ability to go back & revisit certain scenarios and see how I’ve grown and improved over the years.

D700 + 50/1.8. Used the nifty fifty, once again, for this image, primarily because I was too lazy to switch out for the 85/1.4. Aside from that, though, it performed just as well and gave me great subject-background isolation.


55mm f/3.5 Ai.


Had my usual set of Tuesday classes today, with RHET in the morning and o-chem lecture in the afternoon. After that, I spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends, going home, and studying/doing homework. A rather chill day for me, nothing too special happening.

Thought of the day? I’ll always enjoy this little $40 lens for what it does, just because it does it so well – close-ups! Now, if I only had a second copy of this for product images of the lens itself.. Now that’d be cool!

D700 + 50/1.8. Regardless of whether or not I’ve taken an image of this lens in the past (which I most likely have), is beyond me. That said, Didn’t really have much to take a photo of for today’s entry so I opted for a gear shot!


St. Ignatius.

“Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon.”

Started the day off with my usual set of classes, followed by heading to Tpumps with Carlo and Anthony for some milk tea and whatnot. After that, I hung out at school for a little bit before picking up my sister. I then got her, dropped some Tpumps off to Jenn’s house, and then headed home. To end the day, homework & studying filled the night.

Thought of the day? My last ‘full’ week of the semester – pretty bittersweet! It’s been a good semester, indeed, with a ton of ups and downs. Now, it’s time to finish it off strong!

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Whitagram, and then Instagram. Nothing too crazy done here, whatsoever!


Holy Angels.

And With Your Spirit.

Had work in the morning up until the afternoon, followed by heading to Holy Angels for mass with my family since we weren’t able to make it to OLM in the morning for 9 AM mass! Aside from that, we ended the night with dinner at my aunt’s house to close off my Sunday!

Thought of the day? A rather nice, relaxed way to end my Thanksgiving break. Here’s to a good two and a half weeks of studying before Winter break commences!

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram. Since I barely did anything today aside from work, it was only fitting that I highlight Holy Angels today as part of today’s entry.. Especially since it’s only once in a blue moon that I go here for mass!



Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree.

Today’s morning & afternoon were pretty much a complete ditto of yesterday, with work taking up the majority of the day. After that, upon arriving home, my cousins were helping out my family set up our Christmas tree and get some decorations on. We spent the rest of the day at my house just hanging out and listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album – you can’t ever go wrong with that!

Thought of the day? An evening filled with simple joys as I spent the night with those whom I love the most! I cannot ask for any more than that.

D700 + 50/1.8. One of the ornaments we put up from today as we set up & decorated the tree. Gotta love the bokeh the nifty fifty produces! While many may be rather impartial to it, I’ve grown to love it for what it’s worth. After all, you can’t expect much from this lens (given the price), yet it always manages to exceed expectations!


Tree Lighting.

Black Friday.

Had a long and tiring morning and afternoon at work today from 1o:00 AM to 5:30 PM, followed by getting picked up by my mom & sister so that they could drop me off to downtown SF! At downtown SF, I met up with Alex and we went to a number of different places. From Uniqlo to H&M to Urban Outfitters, and more. We also went to Union Square after the Tree Lighting for a little bit and I was able to see JR and Jenn & her family there! We said our hellos, talked for a little bit, and then said our goodbyes. After that, Alex and I met up with Kenny for a bit, met some of his friends, and then went to Denny’s for dinner and ran into a couple of good SI friends over there. Following dinner, we walked around downtown SF a little bit more and then decided to call it a day. BART’ed back to Daly City and got picked up by my dad over at the BART station there.

Thought of the day? It was really nice seeing Alex today, given that it’s been months since the last time I saw him and hung out with him. I love how we can not talk or see each other for a good while, but as soon as we hang out it’s almost as if we had seen each other yesterday, and the day before that – just like the good old days back in high school. He’s definitely a great friend and I look forward to hanging out with him & everyone else over winter break!

D700 + 50/1.8. Whoever said that the 50mm f/1.8 wasn’t as capable as most lenses are!? This lens is light, cheap, and sharp. It doesn’t make any excuses and always gets the job done one way or another. It’s definitely something that should be in any and every photographer’s kit, no matter what the aperture. A nifty fifty is always good to have!



“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving.”

Spent my Thanksgiving morning with my family and cousins at the house, simply hanging out and doing whatever. We pretty much did that for the majority of the entire day, followed by heading to my aunt’s for dinner as we almost always do every year around Thanksgiving time. There, we had a wonderful dinner that was delicious and, albeit, completely Filipino-styled (spot the bagoong in the image above – I wasn’t lying!).

Thought of the day? The quote (above) for today’s entry truly speaks multitudes. Thanksgiving isn’t all about being thankful for what the pilgrims had done back many, many years ago to colonize that which we know now as America, but is also a time to rejoice and reflect upon that which we are thankful for on a personal level. We are all blessed by many and have blessed many, and realizing that goodness is what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is about.

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram. Nothing special here, just a good ‘ole #onthetable image of some of the variety we had from tonight’s splendid dinner!


Good Company.

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

Had my last school day of the week today, with the main highlight being my organic chemistry exam. Likewise with the last test, it was on a bunch of different synthesis reactions, with many different mechanisms to know, and even a couple of multi-step synthesis problems. Fun, right? After that, I headed home for a little bit and then met up with JR, Jenn, Derek, Thomas, and everyone else at Broaster Chicken. After that, we went to get Nico, Samm, Troy, and Donmig. We then went to Starbucks at Serramonte for a little bit, and finally to St. Cecilia to light a few candles since tomorrow’s her feast day!

Thought of the day? It was great seeing everyone after a good while, especially Steph! It’s been a month or two since I’ve seen her (since she’s all the way up at UOP in Stockton, CA) and I definitely missed the laughs we’d always share. That said, a blessed and much-needed day, indeed, and a wonderful start to my Thanksgiving break!

D700 + 85/1.4. Simple image snapped outside of the Serramonte parking lot. Nothing special about the photographic qualities here, but definitely some special people pictured here!


‘Tis the Season.


Went to USF to hang out today (since I didn’t have class!) and ended up playing basketball for a good two or so hours at Koret with Keith, James, Xavier, Jon, and Carlo. After that, I went to SHCP to pick up Jenn & Angelica, and we got food at Stonestown before I brought Jenn home. After that, Angelica & I headed straight home and the rest of the night consisted of studying for Wednesday’s organic chemistry exam.

Thought of the day? One more day to go before Thanksgiving break starts! Needless to say, I’m excited for what’s to come, but it’s really go time right about now with tomorrow’s exam. I know what I know, and that’s that!

D700 + 85/1.4. Quick image of Jenn taken inside of the big tree at Stonestown! When taking a quick glance at the image, it isn’t so apparent that the background is out of focus. Upon closer inspection, it’s pretty crazy how the bokeh slowly starts to separate the subject from the background and provide just that little amount of ‘pop’ and ‘oomph’ that does a great deal of justice to the image. It’s the little things!


Bavarian Motor Works.


Had my organic chemistry quiz today to start the day off, as well as the rest of my usual classes. All went well, and then later played basketball at Koret with Carlo & Anthony, followed by heading to Quickly’s to get some milk tea. After that, Carlo & I dropped Anthony off to LoMo real quick before heading off, and then hung out in my car for a little before going to SH. Moments later, we went to SHCP because he had to pick up his friend & I had to pick up my sister. Aside from that, though, the rest of the day was pretty darn chill since I don’t really have class tomorrow – I’ll still be heading to USF tomorrow, but I’ll primarily be devoting my day to studying for my organic chemistry exam on Wednesday!

Thought of the day? It’s been a while now that I’ve had my ST suspension (and other Meyle HD/OEM components) installed, yet I’ve been slacking on finding someone that can roll my rear fenders! I’ve got some lovely 15mm Eibach spacers just waiting to be slapped on, but unfortunately they’d rub like no other if I don’t get the rear fenders rolled before hand – ask me how I know! Aside from that, though, I’m pretty satisfied with the ride height. I may be in need of an alignment (again) soon, as I didn’t really like how the Wheel Works in Daly City aligned my car. The camber’s slightly off on all four corners (the fronts don’t have the same amount, and same with the rears), which makes some sides look very slightly lower or higher than the other. Granted, it’s not a huge deal, but I would like to get to my preferred stance given that the car’s on coilovers anyways.

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram, also used the Whitagram application to give me the white borders (instead of Instagram’s default black borders when using a horizontal image) since the IG application has a white background. It gives an overall clean look which I like, and that many people are slowly but surely catching onto. Definitely a handy little app for those who IG a lot – recommended!




Had a pretty chill Sunday today, with mass at OLM to start off the day, followed by work from 11-4 PM. After work, I went home and hung out with my cousins for a little bit. We also had dinner at my aunt’s which is always nice. Top the evening off with studying for tomorrow’s quiz, and that’s my Sunday!

Thought of the day? Only three more days left before Thanksgiving break! It’s go time, and time to step it up for this week. Let’s hope all goes well!

D700 + 85/1.4. Didn’t have anything to take a picture of today, really, and I know that the world would appreciate it if I didn’t post an o-chem related image again.. So, without further ado, here’s my trusty Bogen Manfrotto tripod!



Lowepro SlingShot AW.

Had work to start the day off, followed by heading home and hitting the books for the rest of the night to study for organic chemistry, as I’ve got a quiz on Monday and a test on Wednesday!

Thought of the day? Work is work, and that’s what most of my Saturdays consist of. Aside from that, though, it’s always nice being able to spend time with family and getting a chance to sit back and relax.

D700 + 85/1.4. Quick image of this sling bag that my aunt randomly dropped off at my house since she found it at home. It’s a Lowepro, at that, and I always love receiving free things no matter what it may be! Surely, this bag should suit me pretty well should I decide to invest in a smaller, more lightweight set up (or even get a cheap, MF film camera!). Thanks again, Auntie!




Had my usual set of M/W/F classes today, followed by hanging out with Jenn, JR, Donmig, and Angelica afterwards! We got Wingstop, which definitely satisfied all of our cravings, and then took advantage of Starbucks’ buy one get one free promotion thing that they were having from 2-5 PM. We ran into Tommy there, and it was definitely nice seeing him as it’s been a while. Had Donmig hang out at the house to close the day out, nothing much to complain about today!

Thought of the day? Definitely a much-needed day today. I always enjoy hanging out with Jenn and JR, on top of kicking it with my cousin & sister. I know I’ve been busy and have been pretty well-occupied with all of the stuff I have to do with school, but hopefully by the end of the semester I’ll have much more time to myself (and to hang out with everyone else!) as sometimes it can get quite overwhelming.

D700 + 85/1.4. Quick image that Donmig snapped with my D700 (haven’t said that in a while!) while it was pouring outside of Starbucks. I’ve always admired the clean look of Audi’s, and the LED lights below the headlights look great.




Had our lovely organic chemistry lab practicals today, which actually went better than expected! I took a little long-ish with mine, but all’s well that end’s well. After that, I headed straight home and studied the rest of the night in preparation for Friday’s goals – one of them being an organic chemistry quiz!

Thought of the day? It’s a pretty crazy thing, how I’ve owned these Sennheiser headphones for quite a while and they’re still going strong. The mechanical quality isn’t the greatest, but the sound quality surely exceeds it. Already sounds decent straight out of the box it comes with, and sounds much better after a full burn-in period. Gotta love ‘em!

D700 + 85/1.4. The lighting in my room isn’t quite the greatest, so I opted for a B&W look this time around. In my opinion, it does the image justice and just looks cleaner overall. You can’t ever go wrong with good ‘ole black and white!




Had a pretty good Wednesday today, with physics lab to end the day. After that, I went to SHCP to pick up my sister once again and then headed home. After that, I spent the rest of the night working on my pre-lab for organic chemistry lab tomorrow, as we’ve got our practical!

Thought of the day? Gotta love Physics lab, despite Physics being classified often times as ‘busy work’, I always enjoy class with Carlo as one can guarantee a ton of laughs taking place. He’s a great friend and I’m glad that we’ve gotten a lot closer this semester.

D700 + 28-75/2.8. Looking to be selling this 28-75/2.8 soon, most likely going to put it up as soon as the semester ends.. Likewise with my 80-200/2.8 AF-S! Be on the lookout!



Zapato del Barco.

Had my usual Tuesday classes, ending the day with organic chemistry lab lecture. After that, I picked up Angelica from SHCP after hanging out with my friends for a little bit and then headed home.

Thought of the day? Our organic chemistry lab practical is on Thursday, and while I’m excited for the fact that next week we won’t be having labs, I’m not quite looking forward to Thursday of this week. It’s a bit nerve racking but I’ll just have to suck it up, trust my instinct, and get work done!

D700 + 55/3.5 Ai + SB-600 mounted onto camera hotshoe. Busted out this lovely $40 lens today for today’s image of the day, and it proved to work quite well. Just a simple macro shot of my birthday present from Jenn – a lovely pair of navy Zapato del Barco’s. Can’t wait to slap these on as soon as the weather starts to get better (and more consistent!).



“Sleep is the best meditation.”

Had my usual M/W/F classes, all of which went rather well. After that, I played basketball after class with Carlo and hung out for a little bit before going straight home and hitting the books for the rest of the night!

Thought of the day? Mondays will be Mondays – nothing special or out of the ordinary!

iPhone 5. Uploaded onto Instagram. Nothing special, just an image of Lucky as she was resting and slowly falling asleep on the couch.. You can’t really tell here, but she definitely was a few minutes later!



Juicy Fruit.

Had 9 AM mass at OLM with the family, followed by work from 11-4PM. After work, pretty much did the same thing as yesterday – hung out with my family for the rest of the night. I did, however, go to my aunt’s house for dinner, which is always nice. Top it off with homework and studying to close the night, and that’s my Sunday!

Thought of the day? One more week until Thanksgiving break, and that’s primarily what I’m looking forward to! This week (and the week after that, as break doesn’t start until the end of Wednesday), though, will be very important and it’s best that I keep it up and keep studying along!

iPhone 5. One of the worst (if not the worst) images that my 366 will ever see, but I’ll take it for what it’s worth. Didn’t really do anything all too photo-intensive today (aside form work…), so it was only fitting.


I Shoot SF.


Had work to start off the day, and pretty much hung out at home for the rest of the day after that. Didn’t really do much else today aside from that, though, just a chill rest of the night spent with my family.

Thought of the day? Nothing much today, aside from this cool new shirt that I got from Plushtography! My friend, Benson, was going a little celebration sale in commemoration of the Giants’ championship and was selling these for a rather cheap price, so I just had to pick one up!

D700 + 85/1.4. Originally wanted to shoot with the 55/3.5 Ai this time around, but I was just too darn lazy to take it out! That said, the 85/1.4 @ f/4 proved to be a great, tack sharp performer.


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