“I am still learning.”

Left Ontario, CA today at around 8 AM with my family & my cousins’ family, and slept for a good amount of the drive back home. We stopped by the Gilroy Premium Outlets for a little bit and did some more shopping (albeit, for a much shorter while this time around) and got a late lunch at Hometown Buffet before completely heading back home. We got back at around 6-6:30 PM or so, and for the rest of the day we pretty much just unpacked and rested up around the house.

Thought of the day? And thus “ends” my summer in a sense where the next thing to look forward to in the next couple of weeks is.. Well.. School starting! It may seem odd but a part of me is very excited to get back to hitting the books and getting more active as opposed to lounging around in bed or around the house all day long or for the most of the day. Plus, college is always fun – always new stuff going on, new things to find out, and new people to meet!

D700 + 17-35/2.8-4. Nothing too special at all, but it explains today’s thought of the day rather well so I don’t really mind it. Hopefully once school starts again, my blog entries won’t always entirely look like this one!


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