Irving St.

Quickly USA.

Went to noon mass at OLM today with my sister & Donmig, followed by going back home and helping my parents around the house with cleaning and whatnot. Later on, I wanted to go and get my 12mm front and 15mm rear spacers mounted onto the car, but didn’t have enough time, so instead Donmig, Angelica, and I went and got milk tea and other food on Irving street to close the day.

Thought of the day? Nothing like a relaxing Sunday to start the new week off – not to mention, this week, which will most definitely be an enjoyable one! My family & Donmig’s family leave for LA on Wednesday, so we are all looking forward to that with great anticipation.

D700 + 85/1.4. Donmig snapped this image while we were on Irving Street and I figured why not go for it as today’s Project 366 entry. Nothing special, but an image in it’s own right. Starting Wednesday, though, up until the end of the week, I’ll be able to provide more interesting images!


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