BMW E36 M3.

Got out of bed at around noon today, which felt pretty good since I was able to sleep in. Donmig came over and he hung out around the house for a little bit, and after he left (and my sister had gone to her friend’s house), my parents & I went to Home Depot to go purchase a few things that they needed. We then went back home, and my sister arrived shortly after. Moments later, we headed out for dinner and found ourselves at House of Sisig to close the night – a rather delicious and filling way to do so, indeed.

Thought of the day? Alpine White is one of the most (if not the most) pleasing colors BMW has ever come up with, and I have always loved that color ever since I first saw an AW E36 M3 in person (like the one above!). There’s just something about alpine white that gives a neutral, yet classy and unique feeling, when paired with the aggressive styling of the E36 M3 results in a brilliant outcome.

D700 + 50/1.8. Randomly saw this lovely car in the Home Depot parking lot at Westlake Shopping Center today when I was there with my parents, and couldn’t help but snap a quick image of it. All I really did as far as editing was concerned, on top of my minor touch-ups, was apply a rather narrow crop since I felt that it was fitting. Nothing too fancy at all.


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