Bosch #13477.

Didn’t do much in the morning, but in the afternoon I was able to replace my E46’s pre-cat O2 sensors. The original ones were completely burned out, so this DIY will definitely do my car some good. Towards the evening, I went to Safeway to pick up a couple of things and then headed to Jenn’s house to see her. She had her wisdom teeth removal surgery in the morning and I wanted to come over to see her and her family, and hang out for a while since it was only fitting. We ended up just hanging out and watching the intro of the Olympics to close the night – very simple and very relaxing indeed.

Thought of the day? Just glad that everything went well with Jenn and her wisdom teeth removal. Surely, it’s not that bad to begin with, but any surgical procedure from a general perspective can be quite nerve-racking. That said, she’s a very strong girl with a strong heart and spirit, and we all know that she’ll be fine. We will continue to pray for her, though, as always!

iPhone 4. Editing courtesy of Instagram. Nothing special here, but I always enjoy how convenient and intuitive iPhoneography can be. Truly changed the way we all look at pictures!


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