M-Tech II.

“Germans make nice cars.”

Pretty much stayed at home for the entire day – or within the neighborhood, at least. Went to the post office around noon to ship out my USA SPEC PA12-BMW to USA SPEC’s headquarters for a firmware & cable upgrade, followed by heading back home and hanging out with Angelica & Donmig for a good while. My parents later came home, and Angelica, Donmig, my mom, and I went to Safeway to get various groceries that we’ll be utilizing in the upcoming week or two as we’ll be making more sandwiches for lunch.. And even smoothies! After that, we stopped by Walgreens and rented Captain America and then watched that to close the day.

Thought of the day? The car may seem like a ZHP (Facelifted E46 330i with BMW’s performance package) from far away.. but upon closer inspection, the window trim happens to be chrome as opposed to anthracite which is standard for all ZHP’s (and E46 M3’s, as well), and the wheels are the default Style M68 as opposed to the stock ZHP wheels (I forget the style number). The car still looks absolutely beautiful, though, and it definitely had me fooled up until I reviewed the actual image in post! Makes me want an M-Tech II front (and all around, eventually) even more now.

D700 + 85/1.4. Donmig happened to take my camera out of my hands and snapped this outside of Safeway’s parking lot when we went there with my mom & sister. It looked pretty good already SOOC, but the editing definitely did it justice. Thank goodness for the patch tool which allowed me to clear up most of the distracting clutter (i.e. trash) that plagued the SOOC image.


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