Started the day off with having Donmig come over in the morning, where we made Turkey and Pastrami sandwiches for breakfast. After that, we went to Serramonte to look around and hang out for a little bit, followed by picking up Tommy at his house before going to SHCP to get my sister. After picking up my sister, we went back home and then just hung out. Later on, Tommy headed home, and then the rest of us just pretty much chilled out, once again, and did whatever around the house until the Heat vs. Celtics game came on. Unfortunately, they lost (having been a Dwyane Wade fan for years), but that’s just how the game goes. The ball is round, so anything can happen! Aside from that, my day slowly came to a close.

Thought of the day? Just feeling slightly in need of inspiration for my entries, as I know that they have been somewhat lacking as of late. I’m sure it’ll come soon, though, as it always does. Perhaps I’ll start shooting around a little bit more with the film camera (pictured above), as I’ve been neglecting it for a good while since my last roll a few months or so ago.

D700 + 28-75/2.8. Surely, this is a shameless plug for the Nikonians.org forum (of which I’m not a member of anymore, unfortunately) despite the strap being made by Op/Tech, but it’s pretty much all I could put up for today’s entry. I had an initial idea in mind, but that obviously didn’t fall through. It’ll come one day, though, as I still have more than half of the year to go (which could be a good thing and overwhelming thing at the same time)!


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